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15 September 2021
Managing Director | K Tech Consulting

Jonathan Keith

The founder and owner of K Tech Consulting; a Dubai-based IT and Security Consultancy, Jonathan has garnered 25 years’ experience within his field. He completed university in 1994 with an honors degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering and started his career as a trainer and field engineer for Cardkey Systems in the UK working on large blue chip and military sites. Then followed promotion to an International Engineering role supporting the company’s partners and distributors outside the UK. When the company was purchased by Johnson Controls, he maintained the support role and was subsequently promoted to the Centre of Excellence’s Senior Engineer, followed by EMEA product manager for Video Surveillance. A move to the Middle East within the company in 2006 for the role as project manager for the Security and IT Package on the Burj Khalifa was the next step in his development. Jonathan finally parted ways with JCI after a branch management role and a year was spent in Sales Management for Canford Audio, an IT and Broadcast equipment distributor before setting up K Tech Consulting in 2014. It is with great pride that he has built a team of experts that provide high quality consulting services to end users, designers, and contractors on projects throughout the Middle East and beyond. Looking forward, it is his aim to ensure that K Tech Consulting is known as a company that has a reputation for excellence, is good partner to its customers through expertise and hard work.