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Charting the course of
architecture, interior design
and master planning

15 September 2021
Director of Studies for Interior Design | Heriot-Watt University Dubai

Malini Karani

Malini Karani is the Director of Studies for Interior Design (Undergraduate and Postgraduate) at Heriot-Watt University Dubai. In this role, she is responsible for overseeing both these programmes in Dubai as well as liaising with UK team to ensure their parity across campuses. She is deeply involved in curriculum development, undertakes teaching and is actively engaged in various student activities.

Malini obtained her Bachelor’s in Interior Design at the American University in Dubai and studied further at the Academy of Art, University in San Francisco to obtain her Master’s in Architecture. She has practiced as an Architect and Interior Designer in Dubai for seven years and has been involved in academia for 15 years across the MENA region. Some of the projects she worked on in Dubai include Etihad Mall, Times Square Mall, retail branches of Barclays bank and luxury villas in Emirates Hills. At present, she is completing her PhD in Architecture from Cardiff University, UK, in the field of Vastushastra or Indian Architectural Theory. She has successfully published research papers on this subject and constantly aspires to spread the essence of traditional architectural theories whilst continuing to embrace contemporary design

In her free time, Malini enjoys many creative activities such as sketching, painting, solving sudoku, playing games online and jigsaw puzzles. She is very passionate about her Lego collection and enjoys making them with her nieces.