Haitham Mousa – Future of Architecture Summit | 07 Jun 2022 | Live


Sustainable design, resilient
transportation and empowered
youth – the keys to a brighter future

07 Jun 2022
Senior Project Designer | KEO International Consultants

Haitham Mousa

Haitham is a Design Lead with more than 14 years’ experience in Architectural Design, Urban Planning and Master-planning in multiple firms around the world, and projects around Europe, Africa, Asia, and Middle East. He brings a proven contemporary architectural design principles and embraces the responsibilities that architect and architectural elements have towards the community and physical environment.

He is strongly focused on definitions, values and principles of the contemporary architectural language, development of the culture of the built environment and responsibilities towards the surrounding nature and landscapes.

Haitham is a lifelong learner having enjoyed study in his native Egypt and scholarships to study in Milan and Madrid. Where he joined directly after completing his master’s degree the academic staff at Politecnico di Milano and his architectural journey then continued with practice and research in Berlin, Madrid, Tokyo, Alicante, Rome, and Dubai. Haitham is currently a PHD candidate at the University of Rome where his research is discussing the role of urbanism and architecture in defining the culture of the contemporary city.

This year, Haitham has been nominated and shortlisted by Design Middle East for the individual award, Architect of the year.