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Sustainable design, resilient
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07 Jun 2022

About the

Future of Architecture

The second Future of Architecture Summit (FOA) will build on the breakout success of the inaugural edition with a captivating and insightful agenda that will be discussed and debated by some of the region’s best and brightest minds.

The Summit will provide a platform for construction industry stakeholders to discuss a multitude of topics including future city requirements, net zero building design, resilient design strategies, future transport infrastructure, nurturing future talent and much more. Along with a rich agenda, the summit will also provide unparalleled networking opportunities in full compliance with all local COVID-19 related regulations.


Live Event

The second Future of Architecture Summit will take place in Dubai on 7th June 2022 in full compliance with all COVID-19 safety guidelines and protocols.



The one-day conference will feature high quality dialogue and provocative discussions; we will be hosting leading names from across the region, providing a terrific opportunity to see how the realities behind the major debates are progressing.



We believe content is king and our panel discussions and presentations seek to provoke insightful debate and shed light on current trends, issues and solutions.


Buildings of the Future

The construction, operation, and eventual demolition of structures have contributed significantly to climate change the world over, so it’s now crucial that the industry drastically cut its impact on the environment. Sustainable construction methodologies and Net Zero Energy Buildings are just the beginning…

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Agile Infrastructure

Today’s planners must grapple with an array of requirements and challenges, with the ultimate goal of providing a city and its populace with infrastructure that is accessible, connected, relevant and resilient.

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Paving the Way for Future Architects

Construction industry stakeholders must deepen their engagement with educational institutions to attract and better prepare young people to deal with the challenges of tomorrow.

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FOA Summit

Wrap Up

An email will be sent following the event, where you can catch up on all the sessions on YouTube in your own time.

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The Event


The event will bring together the industry’s leading minds for insightful discussions and presentations, all of which you will be able to follow from the comfort and safety of your own home or office.

  • 8:15am – 9:00am Registration and Networking
  • 9:00am
    Introduction from Moderator, Paul Godfrey
  • 9:15am

    Keynote Dialogue:

    Where exactly is this ‘Future of Architecture’?

    Paul Godfrey speaks to a market-leading VIP architect in this one-to-one, ‘Fireside Chat’ format. The dialogue debates why so many grand ideas for architectural development are actually happening a lot slower then we may like; and why the GCC’s cost-driven philosophies are obscuring the conception and delivery of some of the key factors around building vibrant, successful communities.

  • 10:00am – 10:30am

    Platinum presentation (Speaker TBC): ‘Exemplifying net zero building design’

    The day’s lead speaker is an acknowledged Champion of net zero design principles, and here we see a variety of progressive case studies showing how and why net zero is not only an achievable goal, but actually contributes to a host of further societal and environmental benefits.

  • 10:30am – 11:30am

    Panel One: ‘The Five Hallmarks of the Future City’.

    This panel session – bringing together the views of four leading industry practitioners – argues that far from being some nebulous, theoretical concept, the city of the future will exemplify five key factors: these are not only lacking individually in today’s urban environments, but we are similarly not seeing the fruits of their interaction and synthesis. The discussion revolves around what the factors are, the practical steps in driving their implementation and delivery – and what life will be like in the urban communities where they are manifest.

  • 11:30am – 11:45am

    Coffee break

  • 11:45 – 12:45pm

    Panel Two: ‘A new model for Transport Infrastructure: what the Smart-connected city will be like’

    The four panelists here set out their blueprint for Smart transport and the infrastructure requirements of the new generation of Digital highways. They will pose and answer questions such as – how will self-drive vehicles interact with existing passenger and commercial transport? What are the charging demands of a world where all personal transport is electric?’ How will the IoT and its many ramifications actually improve our experience of moving across the new urban landscape?

  • 12:45pm – 2:00pm


  • 2:00pm – 2:30pm:

    Keynote presentation (speaker TBC): ‘Paving the Way for Future Architects’

    A well-known expert in the field of Architectural and Design training explains why Construction industry stakeholders must deepen their engagement with educational institutions to attract and better prepare young people to deal with the challenges of tomorrow. This will involve augmenting academic agendas with real-world, practical skillsets – for example, knowledge about how to deal with community design in a setting where there is no such thing as communal ownership; and how to lobby effectively for leading-edge issues such as Sustainability through a fluent understanding of pricepoints.

  • 2:30pm – 3:30pm

    Panel Three: ‘Why the future is 100% Sustainable – and how we’ll get there’

    Just about every aspect of construction currently involves degrading the environment in some way. The day’s final session confronts how new strategies in architectural design and modular construction techniques can make a terrific impact in minimizing and reversing the damage. The expert panel also explains how in many cases these new working practices are already under way – and are helping with further aspects such as reducing overcrowding on worksites, better risk management of injuries and fatalities and simplification and reduction of project assembly costs.

  • 3:30pm
    Moderator’s Summary and Close

May 25

Day 01.



Welcome Address

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Nov 05

Day 03.


13:00 (UAE TIME)

Virtual Presentations

14:00 (UAE TIME)

Anti-Piracy Panel

Tackling piracy from multiple angles

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Our speakers are critical in underpinning the quality and credibility of the event and its role as a touchstone occasion for the regional market.

If you would like to partake and add to the topic of discussion, please contact

Joe Tabet

Founder/Managing Director

Joe Tabet

Kourosh Salehi

Design Director – MENA

Kourosh Salehi
De Montfort University Dubai

Hassan Ali

Program Leader Mechanical Engineering (Undergraduate) + Energy and Sustainable development (Postgraduate)
De Montfort University Dubai

Hassan Ali
Bainona Engineering Consultancy

Naser Raed Fakhouri

Bainona Engineering Consultancy

Naser Raed Fakhouri

Ralf Steinhauer


Ralf Steinhauer


Find new and innovative ways to do business. If you are interested in participating and learning about numerous ways to connect with the industry leaders & decision makers – contact us now.


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